Poor UX: Enhancement systems in mobile games — Black Desert Mobile

I love games, and I’ve been gaming ever since my brother and I got a Super Nintendo back in the 90s. Well, now that I think about it, my brother got it and I just kind of used it…a lot. There were fights. Anyways, moving on…

A buff man wearing the skulls of his enemies as armor holding a big ass sword glares at you menacingly
What can I say, I’m a sucker for games that allow me to use 1:1 body models and fashion choices
hmm, my dark knight doesn’t look like that…
Almost there!

Yay, lots of numbers, what do they mean?

Okay, let’s try to break this down as simply as possible.

Woah, sounds like your title is wrong

Remember how I just explained that the max enhancement on any given gear was +40 and that success could always be guaranteed? Well, I lied.

It’s time to go….beyond

Welcome to Awakened Enhancements

Pay the cost…They’re not wrong, it does cost you…materials, sanity, new devices…
Me IRL thinking about Awakened Enhances
The rage is real

Open minded + curious UX Designer. I like taking deeper dives to understand and summarize topics so that other people don’t have to do as much work (hopefully).

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