• Jyoti Shinde

    Jyoti Shinde

    Full Stack Developer | Music Enthusiast

  • Mike Ventimiglia

    Mike Ventimiglia

  • Ravi Teja Vutukuru

    Ravi Teja Vutukuru

  • Alexis Wright

    Alexis Wright

    UX/UI designer, storyteller, and all-around renaissance woman living in the ATX. www.aswrightdesign.com

  • North Black

    North Black

    If I become likable it will be a huge failure, it will mean I no longer shake you in any way, shape, or form. Pic courtesy of Christopher Campbell.

  • Shelby King

    Shelby King

  • Annie Im

    Annie Im

    UX designer. Amateur climber and wannabe botanist.

  • Miro Kirov

    Miro Kirov

    Lead UX Designer. Ex @atlassian @softserveinc @despark . Jury Member @cssdesignawards @HorizonAwards @vegaawards . Design thinker. Dad.

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